Extinguisher Price Table

Service/Product Price
Fire Extinguisher Service £5.00 each
Fire Extinguisher Commissioning £5.00 each
Fire Extinguisher Disposal £3.00 each
Fire Log Book £10.00
Photoluminescence I.D Signs £3.00 each
Fitting Of Fire Extinguishers including brackets £4.00 each
All extinguishers are serviced to British Standard 5306.3.2009 and selected to British Standard 5306.8.2012.

We service and maintain fire extinguishers for a wide range of customers.

We cater for small, single sites and multi-location businesses, ensuring every customer is protected against fire at all times.

Ring us now for a no-obligation quotation for your extinguisher servicing.

You will be provided with a certificate on completion of the service