We reliably dispose of your fire extinguishers in Derby

Why Would Extinguishers Need To Be Disposed Of?

Fire extinguishers come to the end of their lifespan for a variety of reasons.

Partial or complete discharge, denting and corrosion, or simply aging parts can mean that you will have need to dispose of fire extinguishers.

Regular servicing may identify damage which compromise your extinguishers beyond cost effective repair.

Also, if you have purchased or renovated a property, you may have inherited extinguishers of dubious quality or provenance.

How Should Extinguishers Be Disposed Of in Derby?

Fire extinguishers are classed as hazardous waste and therefore need to be specially disposed of.

They are highly pressurised containers and their contents, especially powders and foam, can pollute the environment.

Depending on whether your fire extinguishers have been for personal or business use, you have two options for appropriate disposal.

Ways to responsibly dispose of fire extinguishers

Single units can be taken to a local (manned/staffed/attended) waste management centre where they can be properly and securely handled, including the recycling of the component parts.

As a business or commercial premises, you need to ensure that you lawfully dispose of the extinguishers.

It is important to use a contractor who can certify you of proper disposal, so in turn, you can demonstrate that you have acted responsibly.

Midands Fire Extinguishers puts you at ease with a safe and efficient disposal service throughout Derby and The Midlands.