Local fire extinguisher services for your premises in Derby

Have Extinguishers In Derby? So Why Do They Need Servicing?

Fire extinguishers are essential pieces of technical fire fighting equipment.

It is recommended by the British Standards that fire extinguishers have a yearly service by a competent engineer.

During their lifetime they can undergo significant wear and tear. Continual footfall in pubic spaces, environmental exposure etc. can all contribute to the deterioration of their contents and the compromising of their functioning.

Regular maintenance and servicing of fire extinguishers for your premises in Derby is therefore critical to ensure that they are always deployment ready.

Are You Legally Required To Service & Maintain Extinguishers?

Fire extinguisher servicing is a legal requirement and the duty of the responsible person in your organisation.

The main fire extinguisher components (body, hose, gauge and tamper seal) are all vulnerable to physical damage and must be regular checked.

Labelling should not be allowed to become worn & illegible.

Dents or corrosion of the pressured container can be extremely dangerous.

Are There Industry Standards To Attain Unto With Extinguisher Servicing?

British Standards Institution lays out the key requirements for fire extinguisher servicing.

BS 5306-3:2009 outlines the need for fire extinguishers to be serviced annually by a qualified engineer.

It is the responsibility of the owner or responsible person of a premises to ensure servicing takes place according to schedule.

Midland Fire Extinguishers offers a comprehensive service which includes annual servicing to ensure that your fire extinguishers are continually covered with the correct certification.

Our Derby-based, qualified engineer can undertake either basic, or extended servicing according to your needs.

What Does This Maintenance Service Include?

Proper maintenance includes:

  • visual inspection and
  • checks for tampering,
  • hose integrity or;
  • loss of pressure (by gauge and by weighing).

Extended servicing of water, powder and fa extinguishers need to be undertaken every 5 years and includes test discharge, refilling, re-pressurisation and replacement of parts.

Why Work With Us?

Midlands Fire Extinguisher offers comprehensive servicing packages with clear pricing and professional care.

We can handle any number of extinguisher units and can be contracted to routinely execute scheduled fire extinguisher maintenance.