Professional fire extinguisher supply for your public premises in Derby

Have A Premises in Derby? Is It Mandatory For You To Get Extinguishers?

Provision of adequate fire-fighting equipment is a statutory duty for property owners if all types and enforced under the  Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Fire extinguishers are critical to optimal fire protection in your residential, commercial or public sector Derby-based premises.

Having appropriate fire protection in place is also critical for insuring your property and meeting local authority regulations.

Extinguishers are active fire protection devices, which allow handlers to extinguish and control small fires and thus are a key measure of protection for property owners, residents and members of the public.

Their size and portability mean they are a first line fire protection device which can be handled competently by most trained individuals.

Does It Matter Where You Buy Your Extinguishers From?

As fire extinguishers need to be on hand for almost all premises coming under a fire risk assessment, an assured fire extinguisher supply is critical to keeping your property properly covered.

Midlands Fire Extinguishers are your first choice for high quality, safety assured and serviced fire extinguishers in Derby and The Midlands.

We provide you with expertise and direct fire extinguisher supply to your door, alongside installing and certification which means that your fire extinguishers are safe to deploy.

Our fire extinguishers are manufactured by leading fire extinguisher manufacturers who comply with all relevant safety standards and are distributed worldwide.

We draw from an extensive portfolio of extinguishers to ensure that your exacting needs are met.

Midlands Fire Extinguishers ensures that extinguishers are made with the highest quality materials and are thoroughly tested before installation.

What Type Of Extinguisher Will You Need?

Although many types of fire extinguishers are available online, it is important to be aware that fire extinguishers are not to be handled as a consumer purchase.

Fire protection requires professional knowledge and application to satisfy health & safety responsibilities to users of your premises.

In the UK, there are at least 5 types of fire extinguisher in mainstream use:

  • Water
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Powder
  • Foam
  • Water mist

These extinguisher types are selected to specifically target one or more of the 6 classes of fire identified with the letter A-F in the UK:

  • Class A involving organic solids such as paper and wood.
  • Class B  involving flammable or combustible liquids, including petrol, grease, and oil.
  • Class C involving flammable gases.
  • Class D involving combustible metals.
  • Class E involving electrical equipment/appliances.
  • Class F involving fats and oils.

Mismatching extinguisher to fire type can exacerbate a fire, elevating risk to personal safety and could even result in  fatality.

The Professional Touch…in Derby

Fire extinguishers should be undertaken by a trained fire safety consultant who is able to properly assess and manage the fire risks in your building.

Midlands Fire Extinguishers provides this essential, local service to clients in Derby and surrounding areas and have the expertise to make selecting your fire extinguishers simple and easy to understand.

Working with approved Midlands-based fire protection specialists means that acquiring your fire extinguishers will be far more cost effective than purchasing ineffective retail fire extinguishers online, only to replace them later on.